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Instead of Watching Netflix Tonight…

Alan Watts gives us a clear and inspirational speech on Taoism and paints a beautiful picture of the D(T)aoist way of life. The Dao holds space for free flow of toughts, it allows questioning and is to me completely enchanting.

Alan Watts, philosopher, writer, published over 40 books during the last century on the subject and he was well known for introducing eastern thinking to westerners.



Raw Chocolate Orange Cake

My aunt is displaying her graduation art show on Saturday, she is three years into her studies and it is well worth celebrating so  on Saturday a bunch of people are coming over for dinner and so I am making a cake…

This one is NUT FREE – RAW – VEGAN – GLUTEN FREE But it is creamier than cream and it is abolutey delicious and oh, super simple. I use all organic products in my recepies.

This easy base is nut free and can be used as a base for any type of cake, this creamy chocolate orange one is my favourite.

The Bottom Layer is based on –

‹› 1 cup Sunflower Seeds

‹› 0.75 cup Pumpkin Seeds

‹› 1 cup Dates

The Topping is –

‹› 4 Avocados

‹› 125 g Agave Syrup

‹› 190 g melted Coconut Oil

‹› 120 g Cacao

‹› 1 tsp Vanilla Powder

‹› 1 tbsp Orange Oil ( make sure the one you get is not a cleaning product and to get it as pure as you can, preferably ORGANIC )

So Process the three ingedients for the base until fine and smooth.

Place on the bottom of a cake platter, on top of baking paper.

Not  Blend the ingredients for the top until smooth and then spread out evenly on top of the base, out is freezer over night and take them out to de-frost in the fridge about an hour before you serve them.

If you want to decorate it I would suggest keeping it simple since the cake itself is full of flavour and just sere it the a little bit of orange or raspberry jam on the side.