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Berlin Calling

First day of visiting Berlin I went on a sightseeing bus, everyone who told me about this city said that i tour on the bus is a must, these tours are the same in every city to me, you get to see the historical places and impressive monuments of the city but you don’t really get the vibe of it. During world war two a total of 80 percent of the city was destroyed, so you could say the city was built in only 70 years and that itself to me is impressive, the new buildings are huge modern and lack characteristics which I find sad. A city with so much to share, so many stories from people who lived through the depression before the war, during the war and in Berlin when the city was divided, but all you see is tourists cramped together outside the really non-inspiring and story telling few old cathedrals and the now still-standing 100 meter long wall. Service is friendly and the few people I have had a chance to talk to are genuinely nice, the hotel I’m staying at is big and filled with business men and this is obviously not the part of town with people like-minded to me but tomorrow I hopefully get a chance to go to the old east Berlin where I supposedly can find smaller shops, restaurants and cafés since this area is packed with Starbucks, Armani and big italian restaurants..


Old in progress


Old and warm


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