Life is happening

All Day, Every Day

After being away in Berlin and after partying in Berlin I am finally back in the hot room at Bikram Yoga Gothenburg. First 90 minutes after having a break from Bikram for two weeks was difficult, my heart was racing and I had to sit down a lot to not feel so dizzy one could think you’re about to actually meet the true death. But after the class I felt satisfied. I was so happy to have finished the class with a smile and I was even happier to feel I wanted to come back the next day, but some sense in me told me to wait another day so I did and now I am in a good routine. I have been to maybe 15 classes now, all of them feel new and exciting, the ones who have done it for a long time says you always feel like that, and that is one of the things I love about yoga. It is never the same, maybe it has to do with that you are always changing as a person if you let yourself see and feel new things. And where the mind goes the body follows. Now I need to drink some water, take me to the tap. Namaste


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