Life is happening


On the first part of our roadtrip we drove up to northern California, the nature was incredible and the air was the most fresh air I’ve had in my lungs probably ever. The enormous forrest took us over six hours to drive through and it was overwhelming but totally worth it. We satyed a night at friends house in the middle of nowhere, outside of Hoopa, an old indian village. The two frinds of mine live up here all year round working on farm to earn money and get produce, the city closest to then has 17. 000 citizens and lies two hours away from their house with a car, that is why the air is so fresh up there and the stars in the night are so visable. Because of our jet lag and freezing room we woke up at 6.30 in the morning,we got up and went outside go get breakfast but the fog was so heavey we couldn’t bare to drive more than a hundred meters, so insted we went on a walk around their little farm. It was quiet and beautiful, we met two awesome llamas and a donkey couple and cause the was no yoga mats to be found we did a little stretching outside. This is me, in Hoopa trying to keep warm.


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