Sugar we’re going down

Sugar the no. 1 drug. Wow it’s addictive. I haven’t been consuming sugar for months and it became a routine, I didn’t quit eating sugar, I just don’t want that s**t in my system. I made a chocolate cake the other day to celebrate my friends arrival back home, and with pleasure we had the dessert. It is so much more to the concept of eating clean and healthy than being fit, skinny or whatever you want to be. It is a life style, it makes you feel good about yourself, your skin is clean you have no mood swings, you enjoy eating and the times you eating something not so healthy you enjoy it instead of dealing with guilt. Feeling guilty for eating sugar is not a good thing!

Back to the top, I have been craving sweet stuff since I had that cake, and it is kind of a struggle not letting myself go and endulge, so I beg you!!! Stop eating crap, bake your own cakes and use a better substitute for white sugar!!!!!!!!!!!! Like banan, dates or if you must… some rice or agave syrup, they are natural and far less refined.



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