Hello Again..

IMG_0271Wow so it has been another good year since I was here, feeling a little bit nostalgic over my blog actually. Last time I put notes and toughest out here in cyber world I went on a six month long work trip to Guadeloupe, a french colony in the West Indies. Work trip sounds posh, but my job was far from it, I did waitressing at a grand resort and as payment I got a small amount of cash, a place to stay and food. It wasn’t much and most of the food came frozen to the island, shipped from France and later warmed up in the hotel kitchen by the belgian chef. It wasn’t at all what I was used to eat at home, instead of whole grain rice, I now had white pasta. Instead of fresh organic vegetables there were pre made salad mixes with tons of salt. I don’t think complainig is ever the solution, it rather just makes your situation worse but in this case all I wanted to do was to complain. After the first two weeks, I just made a silent agreement with myself, eat as best as you can, don’t complain to other people and just go out and enjoy the beautiful nature, people and love that is all around the island, meditate in the most peaceful places and swim in the most extreme waterfalls. So I did, and I just had the best time.


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