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Yin Yang


In my life as a yogi, student, teacher and human being I feel a need for us to let more of an Yin attitude take greater space in our lives than we are currently allowing it. Where as Yang is doing, Yin is being, Yang is to create, Yin is to nurture, Yang is outward, Yin is inward, where Yang is solid, Yin is liquid.

One thing is not Yin without something in it’s relation to be Yang. Where there is a balance of the both, there is harmony. We call it for example; peace, homeostasis, the equilibrium. This is where life and natural, continuous change can take place.

We have since childhood been taught in school and by parents, even by society, that in most situations in life we should strive, aim to achieve and conquer. Most of us never even got the chance to really understand and feel what it means to surrender, let go and to just let it be.

So in my Yin Yoga class today an intetion is put to surrender and to stay inside.

The therory of Yin and Yang can be studied and reflected upon for lifetimes and so these short phrases is only an expression of what I am feeling right at this moment.


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