Tips on Meditation

My Morning Meditation

This meditation is one that I try to do every morning, it takes about a quarter of an hour. It is guided step by step and it is therefor suitible for both beginners and for you who meditated more times before. It always seems to bring me into a deep state of connectedness.

My Tip for you is to take your time to sit comfortably, and have a feeling of verticality along your spine. You’ll have a more stable feeling if you sit in a crossed legged position, if your spine makes a curve outward when you sit like this, prop yourself with a pillow, sit on it to tilt your pelvis. I advice students to prop with (pillows,blankets, whatever) under their knees aswell if they (your knees) are not tounching the ground, this you will do to create a greater feeling of ease and comfort. Ease and relaxation is the key.

Set an intention to stay present and open for the full duration of the meditation to observe, feel what unfolds for you.



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