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First Teaching Experiences

In december 2016 I stopped by Bali to join a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with the loving teachers Sebastian and Murielle. I had practiced different types of yoga before but most of it consisted of Bikram styled yoga, I knew that the stretch in Yin would be a deeper one than in a regular Vinyasa class, but I couldn’t imagine that my two weeks in their training would awake such an awe and interest for the Yin style and the eastern holistic view of health and life that the Yin practice derives from.

Before and during the training I had a little dream of some day teaching, I have had the blessing of practicing with some extraordinary teachers who I felt really communicated in a clear way their learnings on practice, and without force and ego they would sprinkle food for contemplation and reflection in each class. Their ways of teaching has been a huge inspiration for me and the practice itself have helped me shift my awareness and intentions onto a new path, and so if there was a way for me to share my journey and help spread the practice of love and compassion, not only to ourselves but to all around us, I would do it in a heartbeat.
I didn’t once imagine the Id be teaching as soon as a month after my training but an opportunity presented itself and I knew I couldn’t pass on it. I instructed my first class and microphone wasnt working for me very well so I am humbled as well as filled with joy. I have only taught a few public classes now but I am eager to keep doing it and keep learning along they way for this is really only a part of the beginning.
Much love and gratitude

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