Sunflower Seed Pâté

This is a simple, quick recipe follow and once done, it can be enjoyed for days when kept cool in the fridge.

It is so easy to make a pâté yourself to put it on anything from your morning sandwich or to a nice little condiment to you dinner pasta.

All you need is a blender of some sort and these ingredients;

‹› 1½ Raw Unsalted Sunflower Seeds ( soaked for a few hours and then dried )

‹› 1 Tbsp Dried alt. fresh Parsley

‹› 1 Tbsp Dried alt. fresh Basil

‹› 1 Clove of Garlic

‹› ¼ Cup Olive Oil

‹› 4 Medium sized Carrots ( grated )

‹› 1 Lemon ( the juice )

‹› ¼ Tbsp Salt

‹› 1 Pinch Dried Cayenne and/or other sesoning of preference

Blend in your blender or process in your food processor all the (already soaked and dried off) sunflower seeds until they are trimmed down to a finer texture, texture will vary depending of what kind of blender/processor you have and if you prefer some crunch in your spread. Empty the blender from seeds and put them aside.

Put all the other ingredients in the blender and mix them until smooth.

Now put the Sunflower seeds back in the blender with the rest and mix it all together. Add Olive oil if you wish for your pâté to be creamier.

Experiment by for example adding tomato paste, and try out different herbs and seasonings to create other flavors.

‹› Note ~ Dried herbs usually have more taste then the fresh once so make sure to add a little extra when you are able to use the fresh ones.





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