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Instead of Watching Netflix Tonight…

Alan Watts gives us a clear and inspirational speech on Taoism and paints a beautiful picture of the D(T)aoist way of life. The Dao holds space for free flow of toughts, it allows questioning and is to me completely enchanting.

Alan Watts, philosopher, writer, published over 40 books during the last century on the subject and he was well known for introducing eastern thinking to westerners.




Just wanted to share a picture I snapped last year at Chutes du Cabret, Guadeloupe. This picture capures nature in its pure, like described in The Web That Has No Weaver; Yin and Yang, the ever changing is in all, the water running, the mist, the skyes, the rocks, even the trees and even my friend… the human 🙂

Interconnected and ever changing

We walked on a paved road for about one hour and then trekked (struggled) up the river to find this extreme wonder of nature and the most peaceful hotsprings right next to it.



Sugar we’re going down

Sugar the no. 1 drug. Wow it’s addictive. I haven’t been consuming sugar for months and it became a routine, I didn’t quit eating sugar, I just don’t want that s**t in my system. I made a chocolate cake the other day to celebrate my friends arrival back home, and with pleasure we had the dessert. It is so much more to the concept of eating clean and healthy than being fit, skinny or whatever you want to be. It is a life style, it makes you feel good about yourself, your skin is clean you have no mood swings, you enjoy eating and the times you eating something not so healthy you enjoy it instead of dealing with guilt. Feeling guilty for eating sugar is not a good thing!

Back to the top, I have been craving sweet stuff since I had that cake, and it is kind of a struggle not letting myself go and endulge, so I beg you!!! Stop eating crap, bake your own cakes and use a better substitute for white sugar!!!!!!!!!!!! Like banan, dates or if you must… some rice or agave syrup, they are natural and far less refined.




This is a super easy soups to make with butternut squash, peppers, onion, garlic, coconut milk and vegetable stock. First you put the butternut in the oven for 30 min to soften, in the meantime you fry the remaining ingredients on a low temperature, add the butternut squash, season after flavor and then add the milk and stock. Mash it up or blend it, depending on what consistency you like. Super simple and super good for you. Top the soup with pieces of haloumi if you feel for a feast






As I sit down to eat this second breakfast I realize it does not look too pretty, but you know what I think- it’s food, and food is supposed to give me nutrients, get me through the day and stay healthy. This little clour full creature is organic cornbread, horseradish-beet cream, avocado and a hard boils egg. Bon apetite