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Teaching Update

I have been teaching more classes with the gym now, about eight in just one week, and today I  could for the first time step into the class without being scared of what the participants would think of me or of how my voice sounded. I felt connected and comfortable with being in the front, wearing a mic, and I even injected a little guided meditation. The response I got from the participants was overwhelming, absolute stillness and gratitude we filled the room with.

Much love



So I just came to America, and USA. Right now I’m in Los Angeles with my mother and we are practicing yoga like never before, I’ve been doing the Bikram Yoga for some time now but when I came to USA for a roadtrip my yogi mother brought me to all these cool yoga studios and now I concider myself to be a yogi aswell. I’ve started to get the idea of Flow Yoga and Vinyasana, I’am still a total beginner but I have put up a goal, that is to do a teacher training later on when I come back home to Sweden in May. On this blog now forward I will be psoting daily notes on my yoga practicing and my vacation in USA. Every day on the mat is different and that is my fist lesson, accepting that fact, and knowing that yoga isn’t about the asanas ( yoga poses ) but rather about your mindset and way of thinking. I have been through some tough times and being able to think positivly takes practice but I am dedicated to doing it.

This trip that I’m on started out in California, after that we do Vegas and then I will finish it all off with six weeks in New York. I want to be able to show off the results of practice through this blog because I know a change is possible and my mother is living proof of that. She went through chemo two years ago, and today she is stronger than ever. I dedicate this blog to her.